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The Association has been active since 1954, although not as organized as it is now. It started in Ohio when a few WW II MP friends got together in a backyard for a cookout. As the years went by the tradition continued. After the Korean war was over and the dust settled, “reunions” moved around to various cities across the country.


When Vietnam vets began joining, a vote was taken around 2001 to try to incorporate in order to facilitate our assistance to the Battalion’s members and families, and to help protect members from any personal liability. Thus, the official 504th Military Police Battalion Association was born.  Although that’s how the organization was born, our membership developed strong bonds from when we were part of the Battalion in the military.


New members fill out an information sheet so we can tell when and where you served with the Batallion and in what company.  We have maintained dues at $20.00 for Batallion veterans.  Batallion WW II Military Police vets and active duty M.P.'s do not pay dues, but your information is necessary.


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ASSOCIATION: 504thmpassociation@gmail.com





Robin Riggs

E-mail: mpman@embarqmail.com


Vice-President & Secretary

Jacky Warren

E-mail: jwarren@teleclipse.net


Vince Douglas

E-mail: vincemdouglas@yahoo.com